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The Haggerleases Light Railway

" to railroads, and all the other schemes...
I think Englishmen, who were wont to be sober, are grown mad"

- Lord Eldon (on the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway)

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Haggerleases Light Railway web site.

The HLR is a narrow gauge garden railway to be found in Winchester, in Hampshire, England. It is built to a scale of 16mm to the foot (1:19) and runs on 32mm (‘O’) gauge track, representing a 2ft narrow gauge prototype. This scale and gauge is sometimes known as ‘SM32’.

Building commenced in 1999 and has lurched along in fits and starts ever since. However, it seems that circumstances are against the HLR in 2007 and service is temporarily suspended for the time being.

But hopefully its revival won't take as long as that of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway which, on its demise, warranted a wreath and the famous epitaph, “In loving memory, Perchance it is not dead, but sleepeth.” Just now and again, there's still the occasional train on the HLR fighting its way throught the undergrowth!

Feel free to browse the rest of this site, but be aware that it represents the state of affairs up to about the middle of 2006. I trust the HLR will be back in business in a while. Until then, happy steaming!

A footnote (January 2008): It looks as though a house move is likely before too much longer, which will mean that the HLR in its present form will not be around for much longer. Suffice it to say, that wherever we end up, there will be a garden with enough potential for a worthy successor. Untl then, “watch this space”, as they say!


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